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Immortal Cosmedika Indonesia is a contract manufacturer in cosmeceuticals with 11 years experience and a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standard.

Company History
Immortal Cosmedika Indonesia Co. Ltd was founded on 27th December 1999. The company began as a small scale industry with a limited range of products, later expanding into product development and perfecting the management system.

After establishing, we did a very concise segmented market assessment and positioned ourselves within the specific medical cosmetic business. By 2004 we had fully established the company and, by 2008, we had built our international standard factory with cGMP certification. With this achievement, we ensured the quality, safety and hygiene of our products that have been admitted not only to countries in the ASEAN region, but also the outer ASEAN region.

Due to the consistency of our product’s quality, client demand continues to grow, particularly with dermatologists who desire ‘treatment’ cosmetics. We realize that many skin problems can not be treated by cosmeceutical products alone and therefore launched Immortal Pharmaceutical Laboratories Co. Ltd (which also has a cGMP standard.) Immortal Cosmedika Indonesia

1999 December 27, Immortal Cosmedika Indonesia Co. Ltd. was founded

2001 Product development and Stabilization of management system.

2001 Market Assessment.

2002 Fully operational and established

2003 Segmented market priority.

2004 Company Establishment.

2005 Clinical trial by Spin Control and launched of Aphroderma RSS.

2005 Pioneer in powder-coated liquid raw material (Pulvushydro).

2006 Immortal Pharmaceutical Laboratories Co. Ltd was founded

2007 Starting to build the building and premises that fit to cGMP standard for both cosmetics and pharmacies.

2008 Founded of ‘Anak Immortal’ foundation.

2009 CGMP Certification.

2010 Preparing for ASEAN and international wide market.

2011 Participates in international Korea, Dubai, and Singapore exhibition.

2012 To Receive Sertification from ISO ( International Organization for Standardization )


        ISO 19001 , ISO 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22716





Science Nature Art Religion

Our philosophy encompasses these four elements and we try to introduce these in our daily endeavors. Our aim is to produce consistently high quality cosmeceutical products through the balance of science, nature, art and religion.

In the next five years, Immortal Cosmedika Indonesia Co. Ltd will become one of the leading OEM, ODM, and OBM companies and applied cosmeceutical and research-based cosmetics concepts.

The achievement of high quality and service within our human resources, management systems and products through dedicated research and innovative development.

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur ‘Like a ship with a full crew, which may be tossed by the waves, but never sinks.’

Guiding Principles :

The implementation of our vision and mission is always guided by the following principles.

• Belief and Faith
Belief in The God Almighty.

• Integrity
Being ethical, moral, committed, highly dedicated and honest.

• Humanity
Uphold human dignity, create mutual understanding and open relationships and respect diversity in religion, social status, culture and gender.

• Togetherness
Foster togetherness and partnerships through mutual cooperation, understanding, openness and respect for one another by prioritizing service commitment, the customer and employee satisfaction.

• Quality
Always enhance quality through professional performance, systematic and integrated quality control processes based on evaluation reports and continuous training in order to achieve results. • Innovation
Being creative in expressing opinions and new concepts in order to improve company image. Continuous innovation results in high quality cosmeceutical products.

Good Manufacturing Practices

“Current Good Manufacturing Practices” or “cGMP” is an industry guideline particularly related to food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and medical devices. It operates to enhance quality and efficiency and for the safety of customers who use or consume the products and finally to represent safety in the workplace.

Inclusions in cGMP controls are physical factors (premises, machinary, tools, transportation, utilities, etc.), hygiene factors pertaining to employees and operational control factors including training and periodic cGMP implementation evaluations.

Immortal’s premises have cGMP certification:

• HVAC (Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning) system which guarantees temperature, humidity, low particle size and air circulation according to WHO standard.

• Water treatment system with Double step RO ( Reverse Osmosis ) and EDI ( Electro deionization) method according to USP 29 producing an ultra-purified water (pharmaceutical grade).

Human Resources


Immortal has more than 270 highly motivated employees. At management level we have competent professionals who graduated from major pharmacies, medical, design, accounting, law and technology universities with superb interpersonal skills. Their dedication and professionalism is reflected in our products and services. In addition, our Dermatology Consultants are always on hand to offer valuable scientific considerations. As a result we keep growing and growing.

Reliable, healthy workforce with nationwide distribution Our entire workforce has been well trained and periodically reviewed resulting in reliable employees who are sensitive to customer satisfaction. With a healthy company size which is widely distributed, Immortal has successfully become one of the leading contract manufacturers in Indonesia.

The Activities

Immortal cares

Corporate Social Responsibility
Periodically we support both employees and the local community to enhance welfare opportunities, including scholarships for high achieving employees who would like to improve their education and position and charitable donations for less advantaged groups and orphanages.

For our clientele of Doctors, whether Dermatologist or Cosmetologist, we offer training schemes for those who wish to learn more about our products and skincare. We offer expert training in product knowledge, skincare training (such as basic facial and peeling procedures, advance facial treatment) as well as other procedural training.